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Aiden Chair

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American Leather

Blending elements of outdoor furniture and mid-century classics, Aiden brings the distinctive look of our American Walnut Collection to the small footprint of an accent chair. The first American Leather product from the up-and-coming design star Noah Packard, Aiden features a simple yet elegant walnut frame highlighted by the brushed stainless steel rods in the back, and the clean buttonless tufting on the cushions add a sophisticated detail. Perfectly proportioned for comfortable reading or conversation, Aiden makes an appealing style statement, too.

  •  Chair
    • Overall: 26"W x 32"D x 31"H 
    • Inside: 23"W x 21"D
    • Seat Height (SH): 19"
    • Arm Height (AH): 23"



Product Specification Sheet 




All hardwood frame with dvanced unidirectional suspension system. Fixed seat cushiona and tight back. Premium high-density, high-reliency foam seat and back cushion with single needle top stitching. Buttonless tufting. Brushed stainles steel detailing on back. Solid natural walnut base and legs. 


American Leather is a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, a non-profit organization created to promote sustainable practices in the furniture industry. Here are other key ways in which we work everyday to make our products and factory more environmentally friendly. The frames are made of wood harvested from sustainable forests and all scrap wood is recycled. All leather uses water based pigments, and we offer 25 environmentally-friendly, biodegradeable leathers made through natural, chrome-free processes. Leather scrap is recycled and re-sold for the production of smaller leather goods. Many styles utilize foam made from BiOH polyols, a soy-based, environmentally-friendly ingredient.

Manufactured in Dallas, Texas, our central U.S. location yields a smaller carbon footprint than imported goods.


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As a young child, Noah Packard lived in a geodesic dome built by his father, an early influence on his non-traditional design aesthetic. Growing up he was an ambitious builder of tree houses, underground forts, flying machines, and waterslides for frogs.

Raised in Saugatuck, Michigan, Noah received his BFA in Furniture Design with honors from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan and was a recipient of the Studio Excellence Award.

After graduating in 2005, he apprenticed with one of the original masters of mid-century modern design, Vladimir Kagan. Noah spent a summer living and working with Kagan in his Nantucket studio and continued to work with him in New York as Senior Studio Designer. Using the 3D digital visualization experience from Noah’s time at Steelcase, he and Kagan evolved rough sketches into photorealistic digital prototypes. In the process Noah began to define his own style of blending traditional training with modern details.

Noah served as a Senior Studio Designer at Dakota Jackson and as an Interior Architectural Professional at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill where he designed custom furniture for hospitality clients. When he was laid off from the latter he decided to freelance while searching for another position, but despite the recession, work kept coming his way and he decided to make the full commitment to his own business.

Seven years on and Noah Packard has established himself as an up and coming, prolific designer who seamlessly combines his own refined artistic vision with traditional aesthetics to influence modern design. His furniture, wall décor and rug designs have been licensed by BDI, American Leather, Surya, Bassett and The Phillips Collection, amongst others.

Care & Maintenance

Care & Cleaning of Fabric

Please referance the cleaning code assigned to your fabric. 

Care & Cleaning of Ultrasuede®

Visit American Leather's partners at Ultrasuede® for the latest information on care and cleaning. 

Care & Cleaning of Microfiber 

Maintaining microfiber fabric isn't hard at all. Because microfiber fabrics are inherently stain resistant, there's no reason to worry about possible spills. Microfibers are so small and tightly packed that liquids will simply run off the fabric, literally like water off a duck's back. And, since the fibers are so thin (thinner than a human hair), more determined spills don't have very far to seep. They can easily be lifted out with mild soap and water.  
If you do spill something that actually sticks, Crypton makes a great line of upholstery cleaning care products that work well to remove stains. 

Care & Cleaning of Leather
Beyond an occasional vacuuming of crevices, applying a good leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months.  This will help your leather piece maintain its own natural oils, keeping it soft and supple for many, many years. Contact leather care and cleaning products from the manufacturer, Leather Magic (800.232.4092).  Before you call, take a look at the labeled swatch sample located under the left seat cushion or on some pieces, this swatch is located on the underneath side of the frame. This swatch will tell you the name of the leather grade and color. This will help Leather Magic match their best products to your leather type.

Leather will last for decades with the proper care and cleaning.  In addition to this guide, refer to the care instructions that are provided with your furniture.

- Under normal usage/conditions, regular dry-cloth dusting and vacuum cleaning in crevices or along the bottom is all that is necessary to clean your furniture.
- The use of a good leather conditioner is recommended every 6-12 months.
- Protect your furniture from sun and direct light. Like any upholstery material, leather can fade to some degree if exposed to the sun.

Suggested Methods of Cleaning

- Always try any cleaning method in a hidden area first to convince yourself of the results. 
- For minor spots and spills, wipe up any excess liquid immediately with  a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. If necessary, use a lightly moistened soft cloth with clean lukewarm water, and let it air dry naturally. If water is used, clean the entire area where the spot occurred.
- Do not use soap or soak the stain heavily with water. This may cause more damage than the stain itself. If the stain persists, we recommend that a professional leather specialist clean the leather to avoid any potential damage to the leather itself.
- For butter, oil, or grease stains, wipe off excess with a clean dry cloth, and then leave alone as the spot should dissipate into the leather after a short period of time.
- For minor or slight scratches on the surface, use a chamois or clean fingers to gently buff the scratch. If needed, moisten lightly with distilled water to work scratches out.
- Remember that leather is a natural product and requires some care to maintain the natural beauty of the hide.
- Do not use saddle soap, cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners, detergent soaps or ammonia water.

How to remove leather scratches?
You may find success by using a chamois or clean fingers to gently buff minor or slight scratches on the surface. If needed, moisten lightly with distilled water to work scratches out. The regular application of a good leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months will help your leather maintain its own natural oils. This prevents drying, reducing your leather's susceptibility to scratching.

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American Leather's promise to you

• American Leather provides a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and suspension of our furniture.

• American Leather also warrants furniture to be free of defects in workmanship and materials, other than frame and suspension, for five years from the date of purchase.

• Comfort Sleeper® mechanisms are under warranty for ten years from the date of purchase.

Defects in workmanship and materials are defined, for the purpose of this warranty, as causing the product to be unsound structurally or mechanically, or altering the appearance of the piece substantially. This warranty applies under conditions of normal usage and does not apply to defects resulting from misuse, accidents, negligence or normal wear.

If a defect is found in the product, American Leather will repair or replace, at its option, the defective workmanship or material. American Leather reserves the right to arrange local repair, and the cost of packing and shipping to and from factory is not covered by the warranty unless expressly arranged by American Leather.

The warranty is nontransferable. Product purchased off of a retailer's sales floor is not covered under the American Leather warranty.

A warranty card is attached to every piece of American Leather furniture. Please take the time to read this information carefully, fill out the information card and mail to the address provided, or register your warranty on American Leathers website.


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