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Air-Table Outdoor

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Herman Miller

A table is only as good as it is sturdy. The Air-Table is made with the same air-molding process developed for the Air-Chair. And like the Air-Chair, the Air-Table is seamless, sturdy and durable, lightweight and stackable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Pair with Air-Chairs or Folding Air-Chairs for a sleek and stylish look in all kinds of environments.

The Air Family—Air-Chair, Folding Air-Chair, and Air-Table—all began with a length of plastic tubing and designer Jasper Morrison’s desire to create affordable plastic furniture that would look good, be comfortable, and wear well. The tubing was handed to Morrison by Magis founder Eugenio Perazza. It was a sample of a plastic he wanted to use to make a chair with a new molding technology called gas injection.

Air-Chair was the first single-shell chair created with the new technology, which numerous other companies started using soon after Air-Chair was introduced. “The goal [for Air-Chair] was to make a one-piece plastic chair which could compete with any other everyday chair. I designed it thinking of the shape an ideal wooden chair would be if it were possible to carve it.”

Morrison insists that “the technical development was considerably more complicated than the design development.” The process is complicated, but in simple terms, a mold is created for the plastic, and gas is injected into it, forming the single piece of plastic into the desired shape. Morrison described it this way: “Imagine blowing up a balloon inside a shoebox.” You’d end up with an oblong balloon. The gas presses the plastic against the mold, leaving a hollow core. So gas injection technology allows for the molding of forms that could not be molded before this technology existed. If you look at the places on the chair or table where you would normally find seams, all you see is smooth surfaces.

  • Square table
    • 26"W x 26"D x 27"H





Table is polypropylene with glass fiber added. Constructed using a complex air-molding manufacturing process.


0% recycled content; 100% recyclable GREENGAURD® Gold certified


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One of today's most influential industrial designers, Jasper Morrison is known for his minimalist approach, which was formed at an early age. "My grandfather had decorated one room of his house in the Scandinavian style of the '60s—bare floors, long-haired white rugs—and in it was a Braun record player with wooden side panels. I was impressed by the room and the record player," he recalls.

Throughout his prolific career, Morrison has strived to create that same simple but functional beauty in everyday objects, from door handles to trays to wristwatches to chairs.

Morrison graduated from London's Design at Kingston Polytechnic Design School and did his postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art and also at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin. In 1986, he set up his Office for Design in London.

In 2005, Morrison collaborated with Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa on a ground-breaking exhibit, Super Normal, which celebrated the more humble side of design. The Tokyo-based exhibit dealt with design that doesn't call attention to itself, but quietly exists as a normal part of life—a paperclip, a pen.

Morrison also was a pioneer in using gas-injection technology for furniture; the Air Chair he designed for Magis was one of the very first times it had ever been used for that purpose. "It represented a big shift in the quality of the one-piece plastic chair," he says. "Previously, plastic chairs were only possible with single wall thicknesses and reinforcing ribs. The gas-injection technology allowed for continuously smooth surfaces."

He says he designed it, "thinking of the shape of an ideal wooden chair, if it were possible to carve it any way you liked. I think the shape has held up well and still looks fresh after 12 years."

Morrison has been featured in many magazines, and he has published several books on the subject of design. His work has been shown in many international museums, and his retail shop in London carries hundreds of well-designed household items from around the world.

Photo Credit: Suki Dhanda

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