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Chair First

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White & Black 4 - 6 weeks | Colors 8 - 10 weeks
Herman Miller

*Sold in sets of 4

The first entirely three-dimensional plastic chair, the Chair First is far from ordinary. Designer Stefano Giovannoni took the air-molding technology developed for the Air-Chair to the next level, creating a sophisticated, streamlined profile on a chair that is a single piece. Sturdy, durable, lightweight, stackable. Oh—and comfortable too. The light weight and stackability make these chairs perfect for patios and decks. As happy outdoors as inside.

First there was the Air-Chair—the original chair produced with the gas injection molding process that allowed for a continuous smooth surface over the entire piece of furniture. Magis followed that successful experiment with Chair First, which took the process one step farther. Thus, its name—the first example of a chair made with this advanced molding process.

In the mid-1990s, designer Stefano Giovannoni worked up a design for a chair made of two materials. Magis rejected the design in favor of a two-part chair made of steel. But eventually, that design was scrapped too—the chair was too heavy and too expensive to tool. Eventually, the decision was made to use an advanced version of the gas injection molding process to make the chair in plastic.

In air molding, air is injected into the mold at a precise time, which reduces the volume of material used and the overall weight. The making of Chair First was the first time that air was used throughout the entire chair—including the seat and back—rather than just in the tubular sections. A cross-section of the chair would look like Swiss cheese, with small air pockets throughout.

While teaching at various universities, Giovannoni has advised student designers to focus on research and not settle for the easy solutions. “They need to find their own personal way of expressing their ideas, and that takes a lot of time and a lot of thinking,” he says. That’s exactly what Giovannoni—who also designed the Bombo Stool—did in the long process that created the Chair First. He describes it as “the first really three-dimensional plastic chair.” Not only is it more three-dimensional, it’s also a more organic form and doesn’t have the structural elements that are visible in other plastic chairs.

  • Armless chair
    • 20"W x 20"D x 31"H
    • Seat Height (SH): 18"



Chair First is made from polypropylene with glass fiber added. Constructed using a complex air-molding manufacturing process.


0% recycled content; 100% recyclable GREENGAURD® Gold certified


*Ships assembled 

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When Italian architect and designer Stefano Giovannoni talks about influences in his life, he says the most important was attending the University of Florence during the late 1970s. "That was where the concept of 'radical architecture' was born, which created a whole new language and way of expression in Italian design," he says. It was a movement that threw out all the rules, resulting in a new vision for designers and architects.

It may also have influenced the naming of his first studio, founded with Guido Venturini in the 1980s, which was called "King-Kong."

With an eye for communication and a penchant for cleverness, Giovannoni has designed some of the most commercially successful products in the world, including the successful Girotondo and Mami lines of household products for Alessi, Il Bagno Alessi, and the Bombo family for Magis.

In fact, Giovannoni says seeing the results of his products is even more satisfying to him than the many prestigious awards he's won over the years. "It's my job to think about how a product will be received in the marketplace, and that is something I take very seriously," he says.

Products such as the Bombo Stool, Paso Doble Family, Chair First, Table First, all designed for Magis, exemplify his innovative use of materials and original thinking. Chair First, for example, was the first three-dimensional plastic chair created through gas-injected air molding, while the Bombo Stool created a whole new typology (it moves up and down) and was so futuristic it appeared in the movie "Star Trek."

Paying attention to popular culture is something he feels all designers need to do. "We have to have long antennas to perceive changes in society as a whole and adopt our language to the context of the larger world," he says, noting with approval the current focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

A former professor at several universities, Giovannoni advises up-and-coming designers to focus on research and not settle for the easy, simple solutions. "They each need to find their own personal way of expressing their ideas, and that takes a lot of time and a lot of thinking," he says.

Giovannoni's own prodigious work is included in major museums throughout the world.

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